Simple and Secure Online Data Backup

Simple and Secure Online Backup

Protect Your Data From

ACC Technologies, Inc.Computer Viruses
ACC Technologies, Inc.Human Error
ACC Technologies, Inc.Hard Drive Crash & Failure
ACC Technologies, Inc.Sabotage
ACC Technologies, Inc.Natural Disasters
ACC Technologies, Inc.Acts of Terrorism
ACC Technologies, Inc.Power Failure
ACC Technologies, Inc.Backup Media Degradation

Our service works like regular data backup software, with one difference. Rather than sending backups to a tape drive attached to the computer on location, it sends the data securely over the Internet to our backup servers offsite.

Our system is completely automatic. Most businesses put their lives on the line every day without even realizing it. Businesses are depending more and more on the data in their computers and proper backups are becoming increasingly more critical.



All data is fully encrypted prior to leaving your computer. The transfer is secure and our servers are protected using the latest technologies. We will honestly advise you as to what data you need to backup. All backups will be monitored and we offer unlimited technical support, comprehensive reporting, backup & restore 24/7 as well as web management facilities.


How Online Backup Works

Benefits of Online Backup

ACC Technologies, Inc. Fully automated
ACC Technologies, Inc. No administration required
ACC Technologies, Inc. Send data off-site to our secure data center
ACC Technologies, Inc. Reduce work load
ACC Technologies, Inc. Eliminate negligence
ACC Technologies, Inc. Easy to deploy and maintain
ACC Technologies, Inc. Saves money and time
ACC Technologies, Inc. Run your backup automatically at night
ACC Technologies, Inc. Receive morning backup report via email
ACC Technologies, Inc. Access your data anywhere, anytime
ACC Technologies, Inc. Easy-to-use web interface
ACC Technologies, Inc. Data recovery 24x7x365

A small software program is installed on the server or PC that holds your data. The system is then set to connect to our remote servers via your Internet connection (normally during the night) and upload your selected data files. This data is fully encrypted and password protected so only personnel with authorization or passwords, can access it. It is then stored remotely on our servers. Manual backups can also be performed at any time by the client.


The next business day our technical team checks your backup reports to ensure it has been performed successfully and completely.


Should our technicians see from the reports that something is amiss, we will inform you within hours and either run another backup or advise you to investigate any files/folders etc that are missing or shown to be corrupt.

The latest delta file technology, data encryption and password protection is used to ensure your data is uploaded very quickly and to keep it safe from prying eyes.


Delta File Technology
  • After the initial backup all subsequent backups are of changed files only.
  • Data can be stored in several versions for as long as the account is active so if you are working on a particular project and make several changes over the period of working on a document you can restore the very original version, or any version in between, if you wish



We monitor all backup reports on a daily basis.

Files can easily be restored from any location that has an internet connection.

Non “Jargon speaking” technicians are available 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday - Friday to resolve issues and to advise if your backup has failed or is incomplete.

Unlimited technical support is included in your monthly fee

Client backup and restore available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

Advanced notification of approaching your data limit to enable you to delete data or increase your quota

Large data restores are via removable media couriered to site (courier charge only)


Remote Support

If you run a Microsoft Operating System, we can offer you free remote support where we take control of your PC, Server under your watchful eye. Just click on the netviewer logo below and run the application, call us and we will then give you a unique Session number that will allow our technical support personnel to help you.






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